Frequently Asked Questions

 What is and what I can buy from them? is an online clothing and fashion accessories company. You can buy at , clothes for men, women, kids and  associated fashion accessories and they are delivered all over world.

 How to place an order?                                                                                                                                                                            Back To Top sells products which are displayed in the website. You can buy any displayed products online at or you can place  your order at any our call centre whose numbers are shown below.

 USA: +1 732 993 5522
 UK: +44 (0) 208 123 4795
 Australia: +61 (0) 28 011 4844                                                                                                                                                                     Back To Top

 How can I make payment for the items I wish to buy?

 You can pay at using these options.

   b.  Debit Cards - Visa Delta Debit Cards, Switch & Solo cards issued in UK.
   c.  Paypal - should be sent to paypal account [email protected]
   d.  Western Union - Name of Beneficiary would be emailed after order is received.
   e.  Bank Wire Transfer - Bank Account details are availble at
   f.   UK based clients can pay in sterling pounds into our UK account at
                  Bank Name: HSBC BANK
                  Account Name: Reach Hindustan
                  Sort Code: 40-46-09
                  Account Number: 71334972
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 Where do I have option to pay by paypal or Bank Transfer?

 For any of the above type of payments you wish to make, you have to place your order online at and in the last page after the  order form, you can see the various payment options like paypal or credit card or western union and you may select the appropriate option of  payments. Necessary instructions to be followed with reference numbers would be emailed to you  accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Back To Top

 Can I pay in my local currency? What currencies does accept payments in? accepts payments in all major currencies of the world. You can pay in

 USD - US Dollars
 GBP - Great Britain Sterling Pounds
 CAD - Canadian Dollars
 EUR - Euro
 AUD - Australian Dollars
 NZD - New Zealand Dollars
 INR - Indian Rupee
 SGD - Singapore Dollars
 ZAR - South African Rand

 You can select your payment options in any of the above currencies and your payments would be settled only in the currency you choose. So you  can be sure of what you are paying and there are no hidden costs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Back To Top

 Is my credit card number/bank a/c. number secure?

 Our payment gateway is based in United Kingdom and is powered by one of the largest UK bankers called Barclay Card, We always make sure all  your information is secured and not passed on to any third party. Your Credit Card details are accepted through the SSL protocol.  All transactions are   secured, powered by CGI script capable of processing Credit Card transactions insuring that the information is encrypted before it is  transmitted.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Back To Top

 How are the items shipped /delivered?

 All items are hand delivered through courier services like Fedex or DHL or TNT or Speed Post. We always try to choose the most reliable and efficient  courier services based on the destination country and package weight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Back To Top
 To which countries can ship its products? delivers it products to all countries worldwide. The most prominent countries where items are bought are USA, UK,   Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Back To Top

 Are the items delivered as displayed on the webpage? has a team of fashion designers and all products sold on are manufactured internally or through associates which has direct control on quality and workmanship. All products displayed in are photographs taken from the original master  product shot on models and the products shipped are exactly the same as per the picture.There are chances of minor color variations because  of  monitor settings which displays the original product colors with slight variation. Custom made or orders which has change of colors require garment  dyeing and they may have 5% color variations as the dyeing process is manual and it depends on sunlight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Back To Top  

 Can accept requests to make changes to some of my order information after the order is made?

 Yes, these changes can be made if they are informed before the order processing takes place. Also we always try to accommodate your changes  wherever possible to ensure you get what you want.

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 In how many days would my order be shipped?

 Every product sold at has a definite shipping lead time which is published beside the large picture of the product. This shipping lead time  is the number of days we take to dispatch the ordered items from our global warehouses and is calculated from the day we receive your order with   complete measurements. If you delay in submitting your measurements, the shipping lead time may extend accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Back To Top

 How long will the courier company take to deliver the shipped items?

 We use top international courier companies like FEDEX, DHL or TNT or any other and they take from 3 to 7 working days to deliver the shipped  items   from our warehouse to your doorstep, which depends on the destination country and location.

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 Do I pay what I see on Are their any hidden cost?

 You can select the currency in which you want to pay while placing your order online and you would see the cost of the products and shipping cost  which you would pay us. We would pay the courier company the complete shipping and handling cost for deliveries at your doorstep. We provide free  shipping in India. In few countries, customs department may charge duties and taxes on our products as they are shipped internationally. These  charges would be then collected by the courier company who delivers the parcel to you. This is not always as this happens only to 5% of all the   shipments we send and they are purely not in our control.
 There are no hidden costs apart from the costs mentioned above.

 Are there any additional delivery charge?                                                                                                                                        Back To Top
 We do not charge any delivery charge for deliveries in India. The delivery charges for other countries like USA, Canada, and rest of the world depends  on the number of items ordered. The shipping costs in various currencies are available here. The shipping rates are the subsidized rates offered by Cbazaar when compared with the high courier cost by reputed courier  companies.

 How much VAT / Import duty will I have to pay?                                                                                                                              Back To Top
 VAT / Custom Taxes and Import Duties are not in our control. They vary according to the rules of different countries and must be paid directly by you.  VAT / Custom Taxes and Import Duties are not included in our ordering process, but may be charged to you by your government.

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 How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made?
 Every product requires a particular time frame, the same is mentioned as shipping lead time required for every product to be shipped from our global  warehouse.

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 What if I have to cancel my order or what is your return policy?
 All orders placed can be cancelled if they the cancel request is placed within 24hours from the time the order is placed. All items available on are custom made with hand embroidery and stitched customized to your fit. The fashion is made on order and hence we are constrained  to have a policy of no exchanges or returns on customized clothing. All readily available products can be exchanged or returned and refund will be  issued with a deduction of 10% as processing charges. However, the shipping costs both to and fro, cannot be refunded as it is paid to FEDEX or our  logistics partner.

 Refunds can be issued only after the product reaches to the specified address in its original and unused condition. If the product is found damaged or  mishandled, we would keep you informed of such cases and the respective charges would be applied.

 When you order a saree and ask for stitched blouse made for your size, you cannot exchange or return the saree as the blouse cannot be used  again. However, if you order just the saree with unstitched blouse, we can accept returns and exchange the same with another product. In any case  if there is a tailoring error, we take complete responsibility in replacing the items. Similarly all salwar kameez suits or tunics, cannot be exchanged or  returned as they are tailored as per your choice and specifications. In any case if the product is delivered to you in damaged condition, this can be  returned and would be replaced at no extra cost.

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 What if the ordered item is out of stock or not available for shipping?
 Incase if an ordered item is not available for shipping or if it is out of stock, Cbazaar would promptly inform by email and you have an option to either  cancel that or choose any alternate product of that value or pay the difference for another product.

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 What to do if the item delivered is incorrect?
 There is a very rare chance of we shipping an incorrect item, however in such case we would offer complete free replacement of the item with the original ordered item.

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 What sizes do you offer?

 We offer garments in standard and customized sizes. While placing your order you would get a chart displaying the information of various standard  sizes. Incase the standard size does not suit you please choose a customized clothing option. By choosing customized option we would email you a  measurement form after successful completion of this order. You can fill in the measurements and submit that form. This option would enable you to  get the apparel stitched exactly to your size and fit.

 We make our clothing in standard size charts of USA, UK, Euro, Indian and Australian. For any other size charts we may need the measurements to get the clothing made in that chart.

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 I don't know my exact measurements. I wear US women's size 12. Can you make my outfit using this information?

 Yes, we can. But the more measurement information you can give us, the better your garment will fit. We can work with as little as your standard size.  With our measurements filling form, you may find that taking measurements is easier than you thought.

 If you give us any measurement information, please do not add to your actual measurements. We will make the correct allowances for fabric shrinkage  and for your comfort.

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 When do I give you my measurements?

 While you are placing your order online or on phone, we take your measurements after you click ADD TO CART. Incase of customized measurements  we would send the measurement form by email after your order is successfully placed. You can fill when you have an option of somebody helping you in taking your measurements. But don't forget to send them, as this may delay the order processing time.

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 I have ordered from your site before, and I gave you my measurements then. Do I have to get measured and give you my measurements all over again?
 Yes, we recommend it, because over time most people's measurements change. Also, if you select a different design than your last order, we may need additional information.

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 I don't understand how you can tailor something for me properly over the Internet. How can I ensure that the fit of the clothes  I order is perfect?
 Our master tailors make sure that your outfit fits well. We have a team of tailors and masters who have learnt the art of perfection of orders received  online. Also we have a team of fashion coordinators who cross check the garments finishing before shipping.

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 Are the accessories shown along with the garment images included in the price of the garment?

 The accessories shown are not included in the price of the garment and they are not for sale. You can choose accessories displayed separately  during checkout.

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 Information about Sarees :

  A saree is a wrapped garment, which, when worn in the traditional way should resemble the images on website. A saree is not a dress but a piece  of woven fabric about 5-6 yards in width across and 44" in length. Sometimes, 1 yard of fabric for a matching blouse or choli is woven in with the  saree. There are multiple ways to drape a saree and an experienced person can wear the garment without zippers, buttons, hooks or any other type  of fasteners. For those who are new to wearing sarees, try the readymade saree option which, will be getting the saree stitched for you to just wear   it without any hassele. In addition to the blouse, a petticoat is also worn with the saree.

  A matching blouse piece, if included, will be attached to the inside end of the garment or at the pallu (the end which drapes over the shoulder).The  fabric piece is about 1 yard in width and is marked with an indented line going down the length of the saree. The fabric should be cut off at  the  indented line only and not even an inch more or this will affect the pallu. After the blouse piece is removed, the cut edge will need to be stitched up to  prevent it from unraveling. A tassel, if included, it should be sown to the cut end. The tassel is just an accessory and its use is optional. Tassels are  normally included in Pure Silk Sarees.

  The saree and the blouse fabric, if included by the manufacturer, are the only two parts of the garment we offer. No other accessories or additions  are automatically available. They can be custom ordered, subject to the normal time constraints, but are not part of the order. If you are unsure about  the location of the blouse fabric or where it is attached to the rest of the saree fabric, please do let us know and we will include markers. A tailor in  your area will be able to remove it easily. Returning a full garment back to India for alterations is risky, as your garment might be subject to delivery  uncertainties, loss, theft or mutilation. We have done this before without incident but we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. We suggest  doing minor alterations or final finishing by a tailor in your area.

  A saree blouse and petticoat can be easily tailored to your measurements. We do have normal traditional & pattern blouses stitching options You can  order them online and the same will be done as per instructions.

 Information on Blouse:

  Saree blouse are worn quite snug and fitted in varying lengths, necklines and sleeves. All saree blouses should be created with a full opening  either  in the front or the back. They have to fit snugly like a corset. Saree fabric for blouses included with sarees are only 1 yard x 44". Please check if that is  enough fabric for your style and measurements before you buy the saree. Most sarees blouses are usually lined.

 Information on Petticoat:

  Petticoats should be firm at the waist as it is primarily an aid in the tucking and draping process. A skirt fitted band or a drawstring (recommended)  will serve the purpose.

 Information on Salwars, Chudidars & Patialas:

  A churidar is a baggy drawstring trousers that bunch up tightly along the lower calf. Worn traditionally with Kameez / Kurta, it's name comes from the  word Choori meaning bangles. The bunched folds along the bottom half of the calf gives the effect of several bangles worn together. Chudidar is a   long fitting pyjama worn by the North Indian groom and churidar kameez salwar are popular among the women.

 They are longer than the legs. Their extremes are crinkled and crumpled to fit. Creases thus developed resemble 'churis' or bangles, hence the name  churidars kameez. A churidar is a perfect accompaniment to long kurtas and sherwanis. The short kurtas, cotton churidars and broad salwaar is very  much in demand. The short kurta and churidar, and two scarves (one around the neck another on the shoulder) also looks very elegant is  in  fashion   too.
 The Indian Salwar Kameez dresses as of now are a rage among the female population. The Salwar Kameez consists of 3 elements in it's creation  namely the kameez, salwar and a dupatta. Salwar kameez or shalwar qameez or shalwar qamis, by Hindu salwar kameej or salwar suits is what its  called by different people. Salwaar is a pyjama like trousers, which is drawn in a tight manner at the waist and the ankles. The hold of Salwar is firm  but its spread is loose which allows for flexibility. The women folk wear a long and loose tunic known as Kameez over the Salwars. To complete the  get-up, three straight meters of cloth called Dupatta is put across the shoulders in a round manner. The regular salwar kameez style highlights loose -   fitting drawstring pants with gathers. It is folded neatly at the ankles. This kind of style has proved to be very popular, just perfect for daily and also for  special wear-outs. Patiala style of Salwar Kameez/salwar suit is one, which has lots of gathers, and drapes in a elegant mould forming even folds    from hip to ankle. This one is mainly for entertainment bash. Women clothing catalog is incomplete without this designer Indian wear.

 Information on Custom orders:

  In certain instances, we might not be able to find the exact print or brocade as displayed on the website, for a redesigned garment. We can off  course duplicate the style and embroidery but manufactured prints and some colors may not always be possible. We can dye to a certain color but  only single colors and only if we are getting 1-2 months advance notice. For wedding and other special orders, please contact us 3-4 months before  the occasion. We ship our garments all over the world. We can accommodate rush deliveries but they are still subject to time constraints. When placing  a wedding order, please do allow for at least 2-3 months for delivery. We suggest that you get in touch with us 3-4 months prior to the wedding date.   We would prefer to deliver the order at least 3-4 weeks before the wedding day, which gives you plenty of time for alterations and adjustments or  to make alternative plans. The designers in India will match the garment to its exact measurements but sometimes we do see a difference of an inch or  so but never more than that. Some items are worn loose and others are quite snug. Please do contact a local tailor or seamstress to have the garment  fitted to your comfort level incase the garments do not match your fitting. We do have plenty fabric on the inside for alterations. A good dry-cleaner  with alterations services will be able to do that for you.
  You can order for friends and family anywhere in the world and the garments will be delivered to their door step.